Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer can experience a variety of symptoms, both as part of their treatment and as part of the disease itself. Quite often symptoms of pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety will be experienced by people … Read more

Less Sodium … A Nutritional Consideration for Lymphedema

Although research linking sodium to increased symptoms of lymphedema is minimal, we do know that water tends to follow salt within the human body. Thus, an increase in salt intake can lead to an increase in fluid accumulation making lymphedema … Read more

Self-Screening Guidelines for Lymphedema

The importance of self-screening for lymphedema in cancer patients is under-recognized and there are not many tools available to use. Below you will find a few ways to monitor yourself for early signs of lymphedema. This is essential because if … Read more

General Do’s & Don’ts for Lymphedema

Do: Elevate the swollen limb Keep moving – muscle contraction helps move the lymph fluid Use compression garments Maintain good skin care & hygiene Avoid, to the best of your ability, cuts, scratches and trauma to the area Use proper … Read more

Kinesio Taping & Lymphedema

Over the years, we have all seen this different coloured tape, positioned in different patterns, on different body parts, on athletes during sporting events on TV or elsewhere. What is this mysterious tape? How does it work? And will it … Read more

Osteopathic Manual Therapy and the Lymphatic System

Osteopathic manual therapists view the body as one whole functional unit. This means that problems in one area of the body will eventually have an impact on all other areas. If you want to improve the body’s inborn ability to … Read more

15-Minute Appetizers and Desserts

In keeping with the theme of “you”, here are 2 appetizer recipes and 2 dessert recipes that can be made in 15 minutes. These are easy peasy for you to throw together at a minute’s notice. Hopefully, they will come … Read more

Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

Procrastination can hijack our plans and prevent us from moving on to better and brighter things. Sometimes it is easier to push things under the rug than to come at them head-on. We can feel very frustrated or unsettled with … Read more

Epsom Salts Bath. A great way to end your day!

Taking an Epsom salts bath is a great way to treat yourself after a long day of holiday shopping. Decreasing stress, detoxifying your body and relieving sore muscles are some of the benefits of using Epsom salts in your bath. … Read more

Gardening all year long? Who knew?

Who loves gardening as much as I do? If you have been to the clinic lately, you have seen the alien-like structure in the front entry spurting out green leafy things. That is called a Tower Garden. If you spend … Read more