The Eden Method

There are so many methods and tools out there that we can use to help ourselves get and stay healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually. And I hope you will join me in exploring a method I studied in a 2-year program called Eden Energy Medicine. I have finished all the exams and have but a few certification tests to become a certified practitioner. As I do massage therapy and dentistry schools and clinics, I’m offering my sessions for this work at a reduced rate ($65) until I am certified. This way clients and I each receive benefits and education about these simple yet profound techniques.

During a session, we will discuss what is most appropriate for the visit. You will remain fully clothed and you will be asked to lie on a massage table. A few ‘energy tests’ will occur throughout the session. My work is to assist in balancing your energies to flow more harmoniously using specific techniques. If you feel the need to discontinue the session, we will stop immediately. Even though we will be working with meridians and other energy systems (like chakras and the aura) as part of the session, there are no nauseous elements or substances used, nor is there use of needles.

What is ENERGY?

Understanding the concept of ‘energy’ is akin to unravelling the intricate threads that compose the fabric of life itself. Energy, in its essence, is the vital force that propels us from the first flutterings of existence in the womb to the complex beings we are today. It manifests in myriad forms, from measurable electrical and electrochemical energies to the more subtle forces that shape our physical and mental landscapes.

At its core, energy is the driving force behind our vitality and resilience. It serves as the invisible architect, shaping the blueprint of our bodies and orchestrating the countless automatic processes that sustain life. In essence, our energy is the foundation of our vibrancy, strength, and inner peace.

How does it work?

The Eden Method offers a profound understanding of how to harness and optimize this intrinsic energy for healing and well-being. By activating the body’s own energies, the Eden Method empowers individuals to tap into their innate healing potential. It acts as a medicine, strengthening the immune system and enhancing mental clarity, and as a patient, where energies are cleared, balanced, and restored to a healthier flow.

What sets the Eden Method apart is its dual approach, treating energy as both the patient and the healer. Through simple exercises and techniques that can be easily learned and practiced, you can take control of your own well-being and experience relief from pain, emotional challenges, and unwanted habits.

Whether utilized as a self-help tool or incorporated into clinical practice by licensed healthcare professionals, the Eden Method offers a holistic approach to wellness that honours the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. In just minutes a day, its techniques unlock the transformative power of energy, paving the way for a life of vitality and balance.

I am happy to connect with you and share. Sessions will take place primarily at Sunnybrae Therapeutics. If you would like an appointment outside the suggested times of availability, please contact me directly at or 902-669-0387.

Peace, Power and Prosperity to you!
~ Paula