Gardening all year long? Who knew?

Who loves gardening as much as I do? If you have been to the clinic lately, you have seen the alien-like structure in the front entry spurting out green leafy things. That is called a Tower Garden.

If you spend $25-30 per week on produce, you’re paying for a tower garden. And after a year … all your produce is free year-round.

Tower Garden Perks:
🌱 Runs on a timer
🌱 No dirt
🌱 Grows faster
🌱 Uses 98% less water
🌱 Uses 10% of the space (3ft x 3ft)
🌱 Year-round gardening – sustainability
🌱 Less waste (both plastic and spoiled food)
🌱 You have full control of what’s on your food. No pesticides or chemicals!
🌱 and it’s FUN!

Let’s take a minute to talk about what our body truly needs. Each time we eat, our body is searching for high-quality nutrients and minerals so that it can function correctly.

The human body’s physiology is truly amazing. Our body is always doing its best to heal & protect us, to keep us energized, and to allow our organs to function effortlessly. What we put into our mouths greatly affects how our body functions. Green leafy vegetables are our lifeline to health and wellness as they provide high-quality nutrients and a large number of the essential minerals needed to thrive.

I invested in the Tower Garden because it makes sense to me both financially and health-wise. If you think this is something you too might be interested in please contact me at or visit our shop page.

Let’s eat to live and make healthier choices for our mind, body and spirit.