Bioflex Laser Therapy and Lymphedema

Sunnybrae Therapeutics invested in a Bioflex Laser system back in 2013. This cold laser therapy system (or low-level laser therapy – LLLT) has had a significant impact on how we treat different musculoskeletal conditions but also on how we treat patients with lymphedema, especially those who have fibrosis.

Fibrosis is the thickening and hardening of tissue under the skin in the affected area. This can be very painful, limit mobility, and be problematic for complications, like infections, for the patient. Laser therapy is a noninvasive way to treat fibrosis by breaking down the fibrotic tissue and preventing further scar tissue from adhering to underlying healthy tissue. The laser also reduces inflammation and addresses acute and chronic pain.

Why is this beneficial? If the fibrosis is reduced, the tissue in the area will feel much softer and the fluid throughout will move more easily. In theory, if the tissue is more mobile and less restricted with excess scar tissue and static fluid, the lymphatic flow will be enhanced and provide an environment for better exchange of fluids (blood & lymph) and less fluid retention or swelling/edema.

Sandra, Taylor and Daphne have all been trained and certified in providing Bioflex Laser treatments. You can book online for laser treatments only or, if the practitioner feels it is appropriate to use the machine during your booked massage/MLD treatment, they will do so.