What Is A Health Coach Anyway?

We all have the capacity for change. But, like the old saying goes: Change isn’t easy.

Sure, on a smaller scale we go through changes all the time. We change our minds, change our appearance, change buses, change our hairstyle, change brands, and so on. In reality, changes take place all the time, with and without our participation. Even when we don’t make changes, changes are still happening around us and, eventually, to us.

On a larger, purposeful scale, change isn’t so easy and, for many, even downright scary and stressful. When we get right down to it, uncertainty makes us uncomfortable. Maybe that is why so many of us don’t make the most obvious and impactful changes that can be life-changing and improve upon our quality of health and wellness.

In 2017, an article was printed in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine titled the “Clinical Effectiveness of Lifestyle Health Coaching: Case Study of an Evidence-Based Program”. You can link to the study here. Granted, the authors are employed by the organization (INTERVENT International) from which the case-study data and information comes from. Nonetheless, this study reflects that coaching programs can play an effective and important role in helping people achieve a better quality of life. The internet itself is abound with articles discussing the health benefits of lifestyle changes.

So, what kind of coaching are we talking about?

Well, in a broader sense, we are talking about a personal coach. Someone who will work with another person (aka. client) to help him or her be better: have better goals, take better actionable steps, make better decisions, do better and be better. That’s a lot of betters. Even the best athletes have coaches to help them become better versions of themselves. The idea is that personal coaching will attempt to use proven strategies and a plan of action that are tailored to an individual’s needs and abilities.

At Sunnybrae Therapeutics, we have expanded our services to include health coaching. Historically, we have emphasized health by taking an approach from the outside-in via services such as manipulating muscles, fascia, joints and the lymphatic system. We later integrated the BioFlex Laser system to facilitate healing and recovery; again, the use of an external stimuli (laser) to facilitate well-being. Now, we are evolving to help you excel and attain greater levels of health and wellness from the inside-out using the power of food and a positive mind-set.

Before we move on, this is not “another diet program”. A recently published study in the British Medical Journal (here is the link) claimed with “moderate certainty [that] evidence shows that most macro-nutrient diets, over six months, result in modest weight loss and substantial improvements in cardiovascular risk factors, particularly blood pressure.” Well that doesn’t sound so bad. But ….

…. it concluded with: “At 12 months the effects on weight reduction and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors largely disappear.” Translation: popular diets are generally effective in the beginning, but after a year – POOF! – the benefits are pretty much gone. Diet’s don’t work for most people.

Frustrated with your progress (or lack thereof)? Frustrated with getting lumped in with everyone else by the medical system? Health coaching focuses on defining your individualized health and wellness goal-setting strategies to help you achieve the outcomes you want. How? Through utilizing the power of good nutrition, exercise and other life-style habits. Our approach employs holistic approaches that includes consistency, support, motivation and respecting your day-to-day routines.

Interested in exploring this further. Go to our ‘Health Coach’ page to learn more about our coaching services.

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